Ever have those days where you can’t stand couples?

I do.

Maybe its desparation or maybe just mental that I go through times where I would kill to be in a relationship.

But then again I could probably be in one if I asked you . Sometimes I just wish I still was as close to the girls I knew they would help me or atleast give me advice because I am literally the worst.

I freak out I really shouldn’t because you are literally the easiest person to talk to well in person you are the worst at texting

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I could get addicted to the thought of you not just the sex because that’s fun but having someone with you at night its almost comforting. Wrapping your arms around me, the morning kisses I could get addicted to it all.

But I’m scared to.

I’m scared to ask for us to be anything

more because your answer could be no and I’m not ready to lose this.

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Letters to past me #2

Dear college me,

I hope you had listened to my previous letter in middle school. But I know you didn’t.

York is a great school. you will meet some of the best people there and then proceed to lose almost all of them so try harder.

Freshman year you will meet this guy and spend wayyy too much time with him. Focus on your work and other friends because you will lose all of them over him and the amount of time you spend with him.

Then the summer will come. He is going to tell you that he has had a crush on you don’t believe it or better don’t fall for it because it will end up crushing you. The other girl he is crushing on will later just lead him on and he will complain about that when hes drunk. but oh well.

Sophmore year. Please pay more attention to your school work.

Junior year. Party as much as you want. stop obsessing it will be fine.

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Fuck Fuck Fuck and one more time Fuck.

Ever seen When Harry met Sally? The whole motto being guys and girls can’t just be friends.

Well honey it’s true and I’m more scared to tell you than anything because I don’t want to lose another friendship or whatever it is we have, but on the other hand I’m afraid I am falling

But what we have is pure fun and I don’t want that to end.

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Letters to past me #1

Dear middle school me,

Stop eating so much junk food. Seriously. You’ll regret it later, go outside.

Hoffeys death will be hard but don’t let go of yourself.

Get out of your shell, let people see you because you are hilarious and awesome.

Get away from GMS. I know it will make you uncomfortable going to tech but it will be better for you prepare you better. Besides you hate your classmates at gms anyway and they think you are weird.

but most importantly stop with the chips, ice cream and oreos they won’t make you happy

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2 years

2 years ago today I got this account mostly as a way to just get my feelings out of my head through the best way I know possible words. I don’t do it for others to see since I have probably about one follower it’s just the best way for me to get what goes through my head out.

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Ever watched When Harry Met Sally?

I have. It’s one of my favorite movies.

And no matter how many times I tell myself we are just friends, I realize that friends with benefits don’t work. They just don’t last.

Thank goodness I have you to burst my little bubble anytime my feelings start appearing.

But what happens when I want more than what it is. That, that is what I fear the constant rejection and guys just disappearing.

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