Letters to past me #2

Dear college me,

I hope you had listened to my previous letter in middle school. But I know you didn’t.

York is a great school. you will meet some of the best people there and then proceed to lose almost all of them so try harder.

Freshman year you will meet this guy and spend wayyy too much time with him. Focus on your work and other friends because you will lose all of them over him and the amount of time you spend with him.

Then the summer will come. He is going to tell you that he has had a crush on you don’t believe it or better don’t fall for it because it will end up crushing you. The other girl he is crushing on will later just lead him on and he will complain about that when hes drunk. but oh well.

Sophmore year. Please pay more attention to your school work.

Junior year. Party as much as you want. stop obsessing it will be fine.


About arab258

needed a way to vent
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