Having one of those weeks where my brain just thinks too much… about how I have never been able to keep friends, school, blah blah. SOme might get overly depressed I just shut it out. I have never really known why I can’t keep friends when I was a kid I guess it was just because we lost touch went to different schools found new friends, college some stopped talking to me, I stopped talking to some, some just faded into their future careers, I moved to Kentucky. Out of everyone I have met though I don’t think I have one regret though they all taught me something or showed me a new world or part of me. The winter before I moved to Kentucky I had the best roommate and we just about partied like it was the end of the world. One friend introduced me to EDM music and I still creep on him every once in a while to see whats out there and that most importantly that if someone stops talking to you it isn’t the end of the world. Which surprisingly has happened more than once since then.  But I have found a new one kinda well one to have fun with in means of not saying.

And then there is karma. I believe there is a recoil to karma which is coming back to get me.I’ve been a bitch, I still can be a bitch, I don’t hold back anymore if I am interested I will show you me and if that scares you away well then the door you came in is still open


There is no more bitterness left in me just hope. Hope that one day I will find someone that I can spend my life with. I don’t think you will ever forgive me but I don’t care I”m glad you’re happy with the girl I always knew you would be with.


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needed a way to vent
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