ya know

Yeah weird title but fuck it. You know I have done alot of stupid things in my life and I am very sure there are many more stupid decisions to come. One of those may just be creeping on old friends which isn’t so bad since they creep back on me but you know over time those falling outs dont seem as bad. Most I don’t have any hard feelings over unless I am drunk. But how I see it is life is a giant exploration sure I may have spent a shit ton of time with people I am no longer friends with but that is a part of life you learn who and what is going to stay in your life and learn how to make better judgements of people. You do thinks like drink way too much, smoke weed, snort coke, hug the porclain god but it is all part of life and if you don’t enjoy it then why even bother


About arab258

needed a way to vent
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