Some generic title that is bullcrap

You know over the past month my life has been a whirlwind. I got mad,I cried, I was happy, and I moved on. I moved in more than one way I finally moved away from the problem and I haven’t been happier, I needed to get away from the cage I had been trapped in, I needed fresh air. Although I left behind some great friends whom I still miss, that part of my life is over.New Chapter. New me…well not entirely new me just me finding who I am and that I don’t need someone to define me. Now I know that some people thought they knew what direction this post was gonna go but you aren’t entirely right. I could go off and rant but that would be like every other post I have made. I loved you, I hated you, I cried over you, I took way too long to get over you, I hung around for too long, and overstepped my boundries. Point is I am done and you made it clear this winter that you want no part of anything so goodbye. But you are still a douche. 

 Second part friends. I have made select friends in life, I haven’t had many but most I have enjoyed being around some not as much. They have all come and gone in my life why? Because I am not good at keeping friends simple as that. This is something I would like to change I have a couple of friends left that I hope to keep, they have been good friends through everything and I thank them for that.

Third dog lady.In the past year I decided I wasn’t going to try anymore to find someone because if it’s meant to be they will just pop up right? From a young age I feel like I always knew I wanted to be a dog lady I mean heck I wanted to have a kennel full of wolves at one point after watching Balto. After thought I think I am wrong I don’t want to be alone the rest of my life sure I’m going to have a dog but I want something more than that. I don’t like being alone at night even if we never have kids I want someone to share my life with and I’m ready to get back out there. 

Fourth part? I guess this is going back to the moving on part. I never thought I wold be able to let myself go to someone after you, but the last weekend at college showed me I could and that I was finally done with you and ready to move on. I guess what had been hindering me was that I just wanted not clearance but that other c word. I wanted to know why I wanted to hear it from you. I wanted the truth not the lies that we were ok and not the immature bullcrap of you not answering me. I had thought you were better than that. I guess thats why I always texted you late on those weekends I just couldn’t believe that you were letting go without an answer. But thats over. I told you I hope that you could move on from this because neither of us are perfect and that we could be friends again one day. Thats in the way future from now I’m giving you your space now. Like I said I’m done.


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needed a way to vent
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