The Future

I often find myself wondering what in the heck I will be doing with my life after I graduate(not a good thing being a junior and all I know…) but this summer I was confronted about it and I actually released what I want to do with my life to the assistant trainer at the farm. I am a history major which I don’t like telling people because I always get the question and what are you going to do with that? are you going to teach? I tell them no I don’t want to teach and they all give me the same look of ohh. I tell them I want to work in a museum now I have it slightly narrowed down and I want to try to work and incorporate the horses and work at an equine museum, but I would really just love to be a photographer and travel the world photographing horses cause I’ve been told I have a special eye that not many people actually have. I don’t know how successful of a job that would be but that or just working at a horse farm I would be as happy as a clam being around something I love. Horses more specifically Arabians. but that isn’t looked upon as a job that can support oneself at least not to my dad, I get what he wants he wants me to be successful and the best I can be and me being the rebel child hasn’t ever wanted to do what he or my mom wanted my brother on the other hand has done all of this and he will be the successful one which he deserves, I would love nothing more than my brother to get all he has ever wanted. Me on the other hand will be the child that moves to Kentucky so I don’t have to answer my fathers questions and be doing what I love or if not working in hotel management.


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needed a way to vent
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