that thing we call love

I’ts been on my mind alot lately the whole falling in love getting married etcetc. Sometimes I wander if I actually ever will I think I am literally afraid to fall anymore I might happen to like someone but as soon as it gets anymore serious than that I want to run away because I am scared, scared that I might get used again like my past or that their feelings  aren’t genuine. I have lately considered just moving to Kentucky and getting a dog and living with it and avoiding the whole thing, but then I realize that whats the point in that if you don’t have someone else to share your life with. I guess I”m just free falling with life’s decisions letting what happens, happen. Then there is kids. my mom wants grandkids and I used to think that I always want to have kids but I don’t really know now I have always been the rebel child that didn’t do what my parents wanted me to do, but kids. maybe my perspective will change as I get older but now sometimes I just see them as something that would tie me down idk I guess I’ll see 


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needed a way to vent
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  1. why the hell are we the same person?

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