Hello world!

Just as an intro I’m just a person out there in this big world that needs a way to speak my thoughts.


I’ve always been the shy one, the one  that freezes up when around any guy I could possible think of liking which honestly sucks cause I can be loads of fun. Always been afraid of falling for any guy since like everyone else out there I don’t want to be hurt. I have beeen before and it sucks. I finally just got over a guy that I fell hard for because he was what I thought my best friend and I fell for his attitude but now that I look at him he is a douche and not worth my time worrying about. I am done with caring what people think about me it’s too much work to constantly be worrying about if someone will like me or not if they don’t like it then to bad for them. There are about a couple hundred million others out there just waiting to meet me.


About arab258

needed a way to vent
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